The Chateau of Lawton

"There's a beautiful place not so very far away. You've seen it in your dreams."

It's a place with all the pleasures of home, without the worries of mowing the lawn, preparing meals, dealing with household repairs or utility bills. That place in your dreams is The Chateau of Lawton- Assisted Living & Wellness Center.

The Chateau of Lawton is an apartment community for senior adults who want to enjoy a rewarding life away from the rigors of home ownership. Let us take care of the cooking, cleaning and yard work so you can worry about other, more important pursuits like improving your bridge game or learning a new dance step. The Chateau of Lawton is a social community where you can meet new friends, enjoy invigorating activities, social gatherings or just relaxing with a good book in your apartment or one of our many common areas. It's all up to you.

We believe every day is to be savored. This philosophy is the cornerstone of how The Chateau of Lawton serves those that live in our community.

Our Mission

To improve the quality of life for each resident and their families by nurturing physical, social and mental needs.

We focus on creating a supportive environment that enables each resident to engage in meaningful activities, provides service of the highest quality and value, promotes health, well-being, independence and social interaction.